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06 – Category page

Category description background color
Choose the background color for the category description.

Category description text color
Choose the text color for the category description.

Category description position
Show the category description at the top or at the bottom of the page.

Read more
This gives you the option to shorten your category description without a negative effect on findability. Do you want to read more text? Simply click on the Read more text button.

Fold-down menu in the side bar
If you have many categories, it is useful to not always show all categories in one go.

Hide sidebar categories
This option hides the category list in the sidebar.

Hide sidebar brands
This option hides the brands list in the sidebar.

Hallmark position
Define the position of the hallmark in the sidebar.

Sidebar review integrations
Show external review integrations at the bottom in the sidebar.

Feedback Company sidebar
Place the uuid of your Feedback Company account, e.g. “2df0e44f-254b-4f8b-beca-2c48ea1fe2f7”


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