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00 – General

Recommended image sizes

For this theme, the following image sizes are recommended to display the images properly.
Dimensions are width x height in description below.

Logo header (variable) 200w x 60h (recommended)
Headlines 1500w x variable
Categories 1024w x 1024h
Products 1024w x 1024h
Banner homepage (when using 1) 630w x variable
Banner homepage (when using 2) 1290w x variable
Blog items 1024w x 1024h
Logo footer (variable) 150w x 60h (recommended)

Filter colors

For filtering options it is possible when you are using colors they become visual visible instead of plain words.
First; make sure the title of the filter option is called “Color” or “Kleur”, then use the following color names for the filter value:

black  /  zwart
grey  /  grey
white  /  wit
orange  /  oranje
red  /  rood
fuchsia  /  fuchsia
pink  /  rose  /  roze
lightrose  /  lichtroze
purple  /  paars
blue  /  blauw
aqua  /  turqouise
mintgreen  /  mintgroen
green  /  groen
yellow  /  geel
oak  /  eiken
brown  /  bruin
black-brown  /  zwart-bruin
blue-rose  /  blauw-roze
gold-rose  /  goud-roze
purple-white  /  paars-wit
black-grey  /  zwart-grijs
silver  /  zilver
gold  /  goud
aluminum  /  aluminium
rvs  / roestvrijstaal
bronze  /  brons
copper  /  koper
rust  /  roest

multicolor  /  multi

Is your color not listed? Send a request to satisfy@frontlabel.nl and we will put it in here!

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