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Product details


Product page style

Two different styles for the product page, choose from: Modern or Normal.



Product variants style  (Coming soon!)

Show variant as dropdown or as “Awesome” product options (clear blocks next to each other).

Add to cart button icon

Choose which icon to display in the button.

Show quantity input

Show the quantity input near the “Add to cart” button.

Show “Add to favourite”

Show “Add to favourite” next to the “Add to cart” button

Product stock

Show the stock of the product on the product page.

Product stock level

Show the stock level of the product on the product page.

Product page USP

Show the USP bar above the product on the product page.

Show reviews

Show the user reviews on the product pages.

Cart button banner

This banner will show below the “Add to cart” button.

Cart button banner url

Enter the url for the Cart button banner.

Shipment time

Enter the time you use for next day delivery. Format = HH:MM, e.g. 21:00

Extra information tabs

Optionally add a comma separated list of content page URLs to display as extra information tabs. (e. g. shipping, return-policy, size-guide). You can override this on individual products via Extra template data 3 on the product self.







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