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Footer logo

This is the logo of the shop, displayed at the bottom of the footer.

Footer background color

Specify the color for the footer background.

Footer text color

Specify the color for the text in the footer.

Newsletter form

Here a bar is shown in the footer with the registration for the newsletter.

Kiyoh theme

Set the Kiyoh widget to light or dark. Choose light for when the background is dark and for a light background choose dark.

Kiyoh transparancy

This makes the background of the Kiyoh widget transparent.


Shop rating

Shop rating

This shows a rating in your organic search results in Google. This will also show stars and links to your company rating in the footer.

Shop rating score

Fill in your shop rating.

Shop rating amount

Fill in the amount of ratings.

Shop rating URL

Fill in the URL of the page were the ratings are being collected. (Trustpilot, Kiyoh, Webwinkelkeur, etc.)

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